Author Guidelines

1. The maximum volume of pages for scientific articles is 20 pages (including tables and figures), for short messages and letters to the editors – 3 pages. Manuscripts are formatted in Microsoft Word (with .docx file extension). File size - no more than 2 Mb.

2. Languages – Ukrainian, English (at the choice of the authors).

3. Page parameters: Paper size – 210x297 mm (A4 format). Orientation – book. Pages – mirror fields. Margins: top – 2.3 cm; lower – 2.6 cm; inside – 2.2 cm; outside – 1.7 cm; cover – 0 cm. Distinguish footers between even and odd pages. The distance from the edge to the header is 1.6 cm, to the footer is 1.6  cm.

4. Times New Roman font. Size: in the main text – 12  pt .; in captions to figures, names of tables, tables – 11 pt .; abstracts and bibliographies – 10  pt. All formulas must be typed in the Microsoft Word formula editor (Times New Roman, font size 11 pt.).

5. Registration of paragraphs: alignment - on width; indentation of the first line – 1.25 cm; interval – one and a half; ban on hanging strings.

6. Do not use automatic hyphens and hyphens marked manually with a hyphen.

7. All pages of the manuscript are numbered. The number is placed at the top right of the page.

8. The manuscript of the article should have 3 abstracts (in Ukrainian, Russian and English), which summarize the results of the work, including the introduction, purpose and objectives of the article, methods and means, results obtained, conclusion (explicitly or implicitly). Each abstract is followed by keywords (6-10 words or phrases). The volume of each abstract is not less than 1800 characters. The use of abbreviations and acronyms in abstracts is prohibited.

 Abstracts should be:

  • informative (do not contain general, meaningless words, for example, "considered in the article");
  • meaningful (reflect the main content of the article and the results research);
  • structured (follow the logic of the material in the article);
  • English abstract must be written in high quality English;
  • use English special terminology.

9. The main text of the article, taking into account the requirements of paragraph 3 of the resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine dated 15.01.2003 № 7-05 / 1, must have the main structural elements: Introduction, Original part, Discussion, Conclusions, etc.). The sections must be numbered. Do not allow blanks at the bottom of the pages.

10. Drawings are accepted in graphic formats: TIF, JPG. When preparing bitmap images, a resolution of at least 300 dpi should be used. Photos and tonal drawings should be clear and contrasting.

11. References begin with the words REFERENCES, REFERENCES or REFERENCES, typed as a separate paragraph (alignment - centered without indents) (font "Times New Roman", size 10 pt.). Numbering of items in the bibliography - according to the order References in the text The list of references is provided in the form of two separate lists.

The first list contains references in the language of the article (including Ukrainian or Russian) (according to the national standard DSTU 8302:2015).

The second list, intended for indexing by scientific-metric databases (SCOPUS, Web of Science, etc.), repeats the first, but in Latin. To compile a bibliographic list, we suggest using one of the common standards - APA (American Psychological Association).